Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Sixty Percent of What You Say is Crap.

David Letterman's late night tenure hits 25 years this evening. I know everyone says he's past his prime, or that he's no longer cutting edge. David Letterman is an old man. He's fully aware of this fact.

Over the years he's allowed himself to grow up on TV. He wears loafters now, no more wrestling shoes that were his trademark for his first ten years on TV. His flirting with actresses has become more restrained, more paternal, if only so it doesn't appear creepy.

Most importantly, Letterman doesn't give a shit anymore. His ascendant years past him, he does as he pleases. There's no one left to impress, or kow-tow to. He books the people he's interested in talking to. He asks sincere questions. He tells people to go to hell.

So he acts like a human being. Enjoy it while you can.

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