Thursday, August 10, 2006

Exploding Liquids

I'm dissapointed in the terrorists. More air travel shenannigans. Big whoop. I just heard a commentator on NPR refer to Al Quaeda as innovative. What a crock. I'll call them innovative when the motherfuckers impress me. Can you see the brainstorming meeting they had for this one. Ole Ahmed says, "Okay men, we need a new scheme. Let's hear some ideas."

Ismael says, "Uh, how about we mess with some planes."

Ahmed: "Genius. No one's ever thought of that before."

C'mon guys. How about a death ray? A black cloud that eats the flesh off our bones. A giant mechanical turtle that shoots flame from its arm holes? anything


Anonymous said...

Do you really want them to get innovative? Don't you feel a little bit safer with hightened security? I carry a gun for a living and I still am thankful for the hightened security

John McCloskey said...

If they can attack us with a gargantuan, flame-spitting turtle, I will be happy. If only because it'll make a great story.